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Кормчие звезды С.-Петербург, 1902
Прозрачность Москва: Скорпион, 1904
An English translation of the poem 'Kochevniki krasoty' from this collection made by Sir Maurice Bowra appeared in his Book of Russian Verse (London: Macmillan, 1947).
Тантал Москва: Скорпион, 1905
A German translation of this work in iambic trimeters (the metre of the original) was made in 1908, but not published until 1940: Tantalos. Tragödie. Deutsch von Henry von Heiseler (Dessau: Karl Rauch Verlag, 1940).
Эрос С.-Петербург: Оры, 1907
Cor Ardens. Т. 1—2 Москва: Скорпион, 1909 — II
English translations of the poems 'Ropot' and 'Put' v Emmaus' by Sir Maurice Bowra appear in his anthology referred to above. In his Second Book of Russian Verse (1948) two more poems are translated: 'Ulov' and 'Pokhorony'.
Нежная тайна С.-Петербург: Оры, 1912
Младенчество Петроград: Алконост, 1918
A long poem, begun in Rome in 1913 and completed in Moscow in 1918.
Прометей Петроград: Алконост, 1919
A tragedy, written in 1916.
Человек Париж: Дом Книги, 1939
Written in Moscow, Parts 1 to 3 in 1915, Part 4 and the Epilogue in 1918 and 1919. There is an Italian translation: L'Uomo. Trad. in versi di Rinaldo Küfferle (Milano: Fratelli Bocca, 1946).
Свет вечерний Оксфорд: Clarendon Press, 1962.
Ivanov made a very large number of occasional translations. These include versions from originals by, for example, Dante, Petrarch, Michelangelo, Novalis, Goethe, Byron (The Island and other poems), and Baudelaire. He also translated from Armenian, Tatar, and other languages. A few of the translations appeared in Cor Ardens, but most of them were published separately in various literary journals and in newspapers and have never been collected.


French translations of six of Ivanov's poems are included in Jean Chuzewille, Anthologie des poètes russes (Paris: Georges Сrès, 1914).
Italian translations of a number of Ivanov's poems (including some made by Ivanov himself) appeared in a special issue of an Italian periodical which was dedicated to Ivanov — Il Convegno (Milan), xiv (1933), No. 8/12.


По звездам С. Петербург: Оры, 1909
The essay 'Russkaya ideya' from this collection was translated into German: Die russische Idee (Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck, 1930).
Гёте на рубеже двух столетий Москва: Мир, 1912
Борозды и межи Москва: Мусагет, 1916
The essay 'О sushchestve tragedii' from this collection was translated into German: 'Der Sinn der antiken Tragödie', Hochland, xxxiv (1936/7), Heft 3.
Родное и вселенское Москва: Леман и Сахаров, 1917
Кризис гуманизма (Кручи) Петроград: Алконост, 1918
A German translation (with the title Klüfte) appeared in Berlin in 1929.
Переписка из двух углов Петроград: Алконост, 1921
With M. Gerschenzon. Translated into French: 'Correspondance d'un coin à l'autre', Vigile, i (1930), No. 4; another edition (including the letter to Ch. Du Bos) was published in Paris by Corréa in 1931. Italian translation: Corrispondenza da un angolo all' altro (Lanciano: Carabba, 1932). Spanish translation: 'Correspondencia desde un ángulo a otro', Revista de Occidente (Madrid), cxvii-cxviii (1933). A German translation was the first to appear ('Briefwechsel zwischen zwei Zimmerwinkeln', Die Kreatur, i (1926), No. 2) and was followed by two other versions. Those published by the Siegel-Verlag in Frankfort in 1946 and by E. Klett in Stuttgart in 1948 include the letter to Du Bos; the Herder edition which appeared in Vienna in 1949 includes the letter to A. Pellegrini in addition. Two versions appeared in New York: one in the Winter 1947 issue of Mesa, and the other in Partisan Review for September 1948.
Гоголь и Аристофан Москва, 1926
Published in Meyerhold's theatrical periodical. German translation: 'Gogol und Aristophanes', Corona, III (1933), Heft 5.
«К проблеме звукообраза у Пушкина» Московский Пушкинист (Москва), П, 1930.
«О Пушкине», Современные записки (Париж), LXIV (1937).


Dostojewskij Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 1932
Translated from the Russian manuscript. The original text was never published in its entirety; essays which were incorporated into the final version appeared in Borozdyi i Mezhi and Rodnoye i Vselenskoye. Translated into English: Freedom and the Tragic Life: A study in Dostoevsky, London, Harvill Press, 1952, and New York, Noonday Press, 1952,
Das Alte Wahre (Essays)
Berlin und Frankfurt a. M.: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1955
The special number of Il Convegno, Milano 1933, No. 8-12 contains two essays by Ivanov (in Italian) and also translations into Italian of some of his earlier essays.
During the period from 1931 to 1949 Ivanov published a number of essays in French, German, and Italian. He wrote chiefly for the German periodicals Corona and Hochland.


«Первая Пифийская ода Пиндара» С.-Петербург, 1899
Published in the Zhurnal Ministerstva Narodnogo Prosveshcheniya. The translation is in the metre of the original.
«Тезей. Дифирамб Бакхилида» Москва: Скорпион, 1904
Published in Prozrachnost'. An annotated translation in the metre of the original.
De Societatibus Vectigalium Publicorum Populi Romani
С.-Петербург: Имп. Археол. Общество, 1910
Эпос Гомера Москва: Мир, 1912
Эллинская религия страдающего бога
Appeared partly in Novyy put' for 1904 and partly (under the title 'Religiya Dionisa') in Voprosy zhizni for 1905. An edition in book-form was almost completely destroyed by fire in Moscow in October 1917.
Алкей и Сафо Москва: Сабашников, 1914
Translation of selected lyrics and fragments in the metres of the originals, with an introductory essay.
Ivanov's translations from Aeschylus (the Oresteia, Persae, and Septem contra Thebas), in the metres of the originals, had been accepted for publication by Sabashnikov and were in the press in 1917, when the Revolution caused them to be abandoned.
Дионис и прадионисийство Баку: Гос. Типография, 1923


'Vergils Historiosophie', Corona, I (1931), Heft 6.
"Humanismus und Religion: zum religionsgeschichtlichen Nachlaβ von Wilamowitz', Hochland, XXXI (1933/4), Heft 10.
Both the above studies were written in German by Ivanov himself.
Ivanov provided the introduction and commentary for the edition of the Russian text of The Acts of the Apostles, Epistles, and Apocalypse (1946), and also for the edition of the Church Slavonic and Russian texts of the Psalms (1950), both published in Rome by the Tipografia Vaticana.
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