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1 GRECHANINOV, A. T. Akademiia neugomonnykh [The academy of the indefatigable]. In Moia zhizn [My life]. New York: n.p, 12830.

In Russian. Includes a brief memoir of meetings held at the home of Grechaninovs friend Dr Gelman in hungry, postrevolutionary Moscow. Ivanov, Balmont, the artist Ulianov, and various actors, musicians and singers were present at the first meeting, which adopted the name Akademiia neugomonnykh [The academy of the indefatigable]. The next meeting was dedicated to Ivanov, and included a talk on him and a musical speech by Grechaninov. At the end of the evening Ivanov was given a present of logs with which he set off with the assembled company through the dark, deserted streets of Moscow.

2 SCHULTZE, BERNARDO. Ivanov, Vjačeslav Ivanovič. In Enciclopedia Cattolica. Vol. 7. Ente per lenciclopedia Cattolica e per il Libro Cattolico. Vatican City, 53031.

In Italian. An entry on Ivanov with a short bibliography in the Catholic encyclopedia of the Vatican.

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