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  Igor' Pil'shchikov  
Igor' Pil'shchikov. Photo by Il'ia Dolgopol'skij. 2000       

Dr Igor Pilshchikov. Former editor-in-chief of Philologica (1994—2013). Leading Researcher at the Institute of World Culture, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University; Senior Researcher at the Estonian Institute for Humanities, Tallinn University. Editor-in-chief of the Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore; editor-in-chief of the Russian Virtual Library (RVB); co-editor of the biannual peer-reviewed journal of prosody and poetics, Studia Metrica et Poetica. Awarded Academia Europaea Prize (1997), Juri Lotman fellowship (Tallinn University, 2009), and Mikhail Prokhorov fellowship (2012).

Born 2 January 1967, Novosibirsk (Russia). Graduate (diploma with exellence) of the Philological Faculty of Tartu University, Estonia (1991). Full-time MA/PhD by reseach at the Philological Faculty of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (1995–98). Postdoctoral at the Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (2003–06).

Visiting lecturer at the University of Pisa (2004) and the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy (2004, 2006). Visiting European Scholar at Nanovic Institute for European Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA (2009). Visiting scholar at the University of Gdansk, Poland (2010) and the University of Sheffield, U.K. (2012). Guest lectures at North American Universities (Princeton University, Stanford University, the Harriman Institute at Columbia University, NYU Jordan Center, UPenn, UCLA, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin –Madison, and University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee 2015).

Main interests: Poetics, translation theory, language contact, Russian language, historical lexicography and lexicology, 18th and 19th century Russian literature, Pushkin, Batiushkov, Boratynskii (Baratynskii), comparative literature, Russian-French and Russian-Italian cultural relations, cultural semiotics, history of ideas in the humanities, Russian Formalism, textual criticism, electronic publishing, digital libraries, automated text analysis.

Began to publish in 1988; contributed to academic publications in Russia, Estonia, USA, U. K., Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and Czech Republic. Published over 150 refereed studies, including the monographs Batiushkov and Italian Literature: Philological Explorations (Moscow, “Iazyki slavianskoj kul’tury”, 2003, 314 p.) and Vocabulary and Phraseology of “Eugene Onegin”: Hermeneutical Essays (Moscow, “Iazyki slavianskix kul’tur”, 2008, 312 p.; with I. G. Dobrodomov). Translated scholarly works in the provinces of Russian Studies, theoretical philology, social anthropology and semiotics. Co-edited Volume One of the Complete Works and Letters of Evgenij Boratynskij (Moscow, “Iazyki slavianskoj kul’tury”, 2002, 512 p.; with A. M. Peskov and A. R. Zareckij), the first critical edition of Aleksandr Pushkin’s juvenile ballad “The Shade of Barkov”: Texts; Commentaries; Excursus (Moscow, “Iazyki slavianskoj kul’tury”, 2002, 497 p.), and the first edition of Boris Iarxo’s Exact Methods of Literary Analysis: Selected Works on the Theory of Literature (Moscow: “Iazyki slavianskix kul’tur”, 2006, 959 p.). Editor of the Materials of the Annual Lotman Days at Tallinn University (Taliinn: TLU Press, 2011. 314 p.; 2013. 582 p.; 2014. 437 p.).

Selected bibliography of Igor Pilshchikov’s published works


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