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  Maksim Shapir  
Maksim Shapir. Photo by Il'ia Dolgopol'skij. 1998       

Dr Maksim Il’ich Shapir (1962—2006). Editor-in-Chief of Philologica (1994«2006). Leading Researcher at the Institute of Linguistics (Russian Academy of Sciences), Principal Researcher at Moscow State University’s Institute of World Culture, member of the Writers’ Union of Russia (Soiuz literatorov RF). Awarded Academia Europaea Prize (1996) and the “Pushkinist” Prize (Open Society Institute, 1999).

Born 25 August 1962 in Moscow. Graduate (diploma with exellence) of the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University. Main interests in the field of philology: theory and history of Russian versification, theory and history of Russian poetic language (linguistic poetics), the history of Russian philology of the twentieth century, textual criticism, general semiotics, culturology. Began to publish in 1986; published ca. 200 refereed studies, among those: Grigorij Vinokur’s Studies in Philology: Linguistics and Poetics, edited by M. Shapir (Moscow: “Nauka”, 1990, 452 p.; the critical commentary is about 200 printed pages), the monograph Universum versus: Language — Verse — Meaning in Russian Poetry of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries (Moscow: “Iazyki russkoj kul’tury”, 2000, book 1, 544 p.; book 2, 608 p.), Essays on Pushkin (Moscow: “Iazyki slavianskix kul’tur”, 2009, 400 p.), the first critical edition of Aleksandr Pushkin’s juvenile ballad The Shade of Barkov: Texts; Commentaries; Excursus (Moscow: “Iazyki slavianskoj kul’tury”, 2002, 497 p.; with I. A. Pil’shchikov), and the first edition of Boris Iarxo’s Exact Methods of Literary Analysis: Selected Works on the Theory of Literature (Moscow: “Iazyki slavianskix kul’tur”, 2006, 959 p.; with M. V. Akimova and I. A. Pil’shchikov).

Died 3 August 2006.

Selected bibliography of Maksim Shapir’s published works


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