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  Philologica 3 (1996)  


Compiled by I. V. Mur’ianova


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The bibliography of Mixail Fedorovich Mur’ianov (21 November 1928 — 6 June 1995) includes 192 items on Romance and Germanic philology, Byzantine and Slavonic Middle Ages, the hermeneutics of Russian literature (from the earliest period to the beginning of the twentieth century), etymology, historical lexicology of the Russian language, folklore, palaeography, iconography and so forth (while many of his other works still await publication). The scholar’s accomplishments in the field of Cyrillo-Methodian Studies are significant: in particular, he discovered and published a hymn by Constantine the Philosopher, previously considered to be non-extant. He made a no less significant contribution to the study of the literature of Ancient Russia: to mention only his doctoral dissertation, The Hymnography of Kiev Rus’, as well as the monograph, “The Lay of the Campaign of Igor’” in the Context of Medieval Europe, which is devoted to an interpretation of some obscure passages in the poem which present almost insurmountable difficulties for philologists and historians. Pushkiniana is indebted to Mur’ianov for a considerable number of exemplary studies in the history of text and meaning of many of Pushkin’s works; it is worth reminding the reader that it was Mur’ianov who discovered the Armenian legend, mentioned by the poet, in his Gavriiliada, as a source. Two books of Mur’ianov, Pushkin’s Epitaphs and From Pushkin’s Symbols and Allegories, were published posthumously. Mur’ianov contributed more than twenty entries to The Lermontov Encyclopaedia. Among Russian classical writers of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Lomonosov, Tiutchev, Shchedrin, Vladimir Solov’ev, Chexov, Blok, and others, also appeared in the titles of Mur’ianov’s works.


Full text in Russian (HTML) Full text in Russian (PDF)


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