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  Philologica 4 (1997)  


(Materials and Prolegomena)


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The “poetic worlds” of Chexov and Remizov are not similar, and the connection between these writers is not obvious. However, they are much closer to each other than is generally considered.

Remizov and Chexov did not know each other personally. According to Remizov, Chexov was acquainted with his early writings, but did not appraise them, and a dialogue did not take place. For Remizov, Chexov (as did many other Russian writers) remained an “intimate interlocutor” all his life. Remizov describes literary reality using unmarked quotations from his own works, from Chexov, Dostoevskij etc. ; these reminiscences and their sources are identified here. The article offers a literary-critical and psychological analysis of Remizov’s two “dreams” about Chexov; special attention is paid to his “memorial” essays of the 1950s, devoted to Chexov: Anton Pavlovich and Gloomy people. These sketches are compared with Remizov’s comments in his letters to Natal’ia Kodrianskaia (from September 1953 to June 1954) in which his direct impressions from his re-reading of Chexov’s Complete Works were reflected.


Full text in Russian (HTML) Full text in Russian (PDF)


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