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  Philologica 6 (1999/2000)  

Savvina kniga: Drevneslavianskaia rukopis’ XI, XI—XII i konca XIII veka, Moskva, “Indrik”, 1999, chast’ I: Rukopis’; Tekst; Kommentarii; Issledovanie, Izdanie podgotovili O. A. Kniazevskaia, L. A. Korobenko, E. P. Dogramadzhieva, 703 s. , 16 s. ill.

A. S. Kas’ian




The review examines the merits and occasional deficiencies of a critical edition of an Old Cyrillic manuscript, the earliest part of which is known as Savva’s Book. Publication, including both photographic reproduction and transcript of the entire text of this codex, is a significant event in Slavonic studies. The reviewer undertakes a comparative analysis of the new edition, the manuscript original and the standard edition of Savva’s Book published in 1903 by the leading palaeographist of his time, Viacheslav Nikolaevich Shchepkin.



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