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  Philologica 6 (1999/2000)  

N. A. Teffi, Sobranie sochinenij, Sostavlenie i podgotovka tekstov D. D. Nikolaeva, E. M. Trubilovoj, Moskva, “Lakom”, 1998, [t. 1]: I stalo tak..., 384 s.; [t. 2]: Nezhivoj zver’, 383 s.; 1999, [t. 3]: Gorodok, 384 s.; 2000, [t. 4]: O nezhnosti, 384 s.; [t. 5]: Karusel’, 384 s.

S. I. Kniazev




The Collected Works of Teffi (pseudonym of Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Buchinskaia, née Loxvickaia, 1872—1952) published to celebrate the 125th anniversary of her birth, does not pretend to completeness or a high academic quality of editorship. The text is sometimes distorted; bibliographical referencing is inconsistent; explanatory notes are extremely scant, and often inaccurate or even simply wrong. There is no doubt that a pioneering attempt to collect in one place a considerable part of the works of this eminent Russian female writer is to be welcomed, but, taking a larger view, the new edition will not satisfy either the specialist, or an exacting amateur.



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