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  Philologica 7 (2001/2002)  


Edited, preparation of the text, introduction and notes by A. I. Feduta




The diaries and letters of the members of Wilno (Vilnius) University’s secret fraternities have already come into view for historians of Russian literature: the young Poles, who had been exiled from the former lands of the Polish and Lithuanian state to Russia, witnessed many interesting events in Russian literary and public life of the first three decades of the nineteenth century. Among such witnesses we find the name of a well-known Polish archivist Mikołaj Malinowski (1799—1865). He was one the most successful disciples of the Polish historian Joachim Lelewel (1786—1861), who taught at Wilno University in 1815—1824 and was dismissed at the behest of Senator N. N. Novosil’cov, head of the commission of inquiry into the students’ secret fraternities. Malinowski kept close links with his professor for many years: the Jagiellonian Library (Cracow) possesses more than forty of his letters to Lelewel.

These letters became the subject of research and were published in part as early as in the nineteenth century, but the editors were chiefly interested in the figure of Adam Mickiewicz, who was one of the main personalities in Malinowski’s correspondence, diary and memoirs; Polish researchers were much less interested in the representatives of Russian culture mentioned on the pages of Malinowski’s letters to Lelewel. We publish the letter of 28 April 1828: this document is important first and foremost because it contains unknown facts about the life of Evgenij Abramovich Boratynskij, Aleksandr Sergeevich Griboedov and Osip Ivanovich Senkovskij (Józef-Julian Sękowski). These facts are not presented in the Chronologies of the Life and Work of the two major classics of Russian poetry. Malinowski’s letter adds a few remarkably vivid details to their biographies.



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