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  Philologica 10 (2013/2014)  

M. L. Gasparov, Izbrannye trudy, Moskva: Iazyki slavianskoj kul’tury, 2014, t. IV: Lingvistika stixa; Analizy i interpretacii, 720 p.

D. V. Sichinava




The fourth volume of Mixail Gasparov’s Selected Works is meant to be a posthumous continuation of the three previous volumes edited by Gasparov himself, which came out in 1997. Unfortunately, the publication is inadequate in all the possible ways it can be. It includes a paper which is not by Gasparov at all. Misprints and mistakes of all kinds abound, particularly in the spelling of proper names and in the foreign-language texts. The bibliography omits some of Gasparov’s papers, incorrectly describes other ones and includes reprints or audiobooks of negligible importance. On the whole, the book is not up to the standards of scholarship, and the publication of a new critical edition of Gasparov’s works remains a relevant task.



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