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  Philologica russica et speculativa IV  
Aleksandr Borisovich Pen'kovskij. 2005       

Pen’kovskij A. B., Zagadki pushkinskogo teksta i slovaria: Opyt filologicheskoj germenevtiki [= Textual and Lexical Mysteries of Pushkin: An Exercise in Philological Hermeneutics], Edited by I. A. Pil’shchikov and M. I. Shapir, Moscow: “Iazyki slavianskix kul’tur”, 2005, 315 p. (Philologica russica et speculativa; T. IV).


The sketches gathered in this book are devoted to “obscure passages” in Eugene Onegin, Poltava, Travels to Arzrum, and The Undertaker. Pen’kovsij’s philological approach to the language of Pushkin and his contemporaries brings to light meanings which often escape the contemporary reader, revealing to us hitherto unknown aspects of Russian life in Pushkin’s time. The author seeks to arrive at a consistent and logical understanding of a set of verbal motifs and details of plot, which he takes up not in isolation, but in the context of a literary whole. He buttresses his analysis with extensive linguistic data from the eighteenth, neinenteenth, and twentieth centuries which reflect deep, but often scarcely perceptible shifts in the Russian language.

This book will be of interest for Pushkinists, historians of Russian literature and the Russian language, as well as anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Pushkin and Russian culture of the period.



...No razlubil on nakonec // I bran’, i sabliu, i svinec
(Eugene Onegin, 1, XXXVII, 13—14)

...Ni kart, ni balov, ni stixov
(Eugene Onegin, 1, LIV, 11)

No nakonec ona vzdohnula...
(Eugene Onegin, 3, XLI, 1)

Attics, liers and the metalanguage of the literatury business
(Eugene Onegin, 4, XIX, 4—5)

Beskonechnyi kotil’on
(Eugene Onegin, 5, XLIII, 14 — 6, I, 7)

...Kak sol’iu, xlebom i eleem, // Delilis’ chuvstami oni
(Poltava, I, 264—265)

...Videl... vrana i golubicu izletaushchix, simvoly kazni i primireniia
(Travels to Arzrum)

Petr Petrovich Kurilikin, two different kinds of corpses, coffins for rent, the color yellow, and much more
(The Undertaker)


Index of Words, Verbal Forms and Expressions

Index of Proper Names


I. G. Dobrodomov’s review in Russkij iazyk v shkole, 2006, № 5

V. M. Zhivov’s review in ‘Russkij iazyk v nauchnom osveshchenii, 2006, № 1 (11)


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