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  Philologica russica et speculativa V  
Boris Isaakovich Iarxo. Photo from O.S.Severcova's collection, 1930s       

Iarxo B. I., Metodologiia tochnogo literaturovedeniia: Izbrannye trudy po teorii literatury [= Exact Methods of Literary Analysis: Selected Works on the Theory of Literature], Edited by M. V. Akimova, I. A. Pil’shchikov and M. I. Shapir (editor-in-chief), Moscow: “Iazyki slavianskix kul’tur”, 2006, XXXII, 927 p. (Philologica russica et speculativa; T. V).


This edition includes three highly important monographs of one of the most influential philologists of the 20th century. “Exact Methods of Literary Analysis”, which is published here for the first time, was the author’s scholarly testament: in it, he lays out in detail the principles and potentials of using quanititative methods in theoretical and historical literary analysis. The other two works (“The Comedies and Tragedies of Corneille” and “Distribution of Speech in the Five-Act Tragedy”) are demonstrations of the methods Iarxo describes in “Exact Methods of Literary Analysis”. These works develop a theory of genre and literary currents in analysis of European drama of the 17th — 19th centuries. The edition is replete with a historical-scholarly apparatus, which includes an outline of the life and works of Boris Iarxo, commentaries, bibliographies, and indexes. An essay on the limits of “exact methods” in the humanities by Maksim Shapir supplements the edition.

This volume is of interest to specialists in comparative literature, linguistics, historical and theoretical poetics, historians of theater, folklorists, poeticians, and anyone interested in logic and scientific method.

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M. V. Akimova, M. I. Shapir
Boris Isaakovich Iarxo and the Strategy of “Exact Literary Analysis”

Exact Methods of Literary Analysis

Foreword to “Exact Methods of Literary Analysis”

Exact Methods of Literary Analysis: Outline

Addenda to the Outline of “Exact Methods of Literary Analysis”

Index of Key Working Concepts

Index of Illustrative Materials

Works on the History and Theory of Drama

The Comedies and Tragedies of Corneille (A Study in the Theory of Genre)

Distribution of Speech in the Five-Act Tragedy: (On the Question of Classicism and Romanticism)


(M. V. Akimova, I. A. Pil’shchikov, M. I. Shapir)



Boris Iarxo’s Published Works (1910—2005)

Reviews of Boris Iarxo’s Works (1923—1937)

In Place of an Afterword

M. I. Shapir
“You are not to be counted nor measured”: On the Potentials and Limits of “Exact Methods” in the Humanities

Index of Proper Names


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[Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Literature and Language Series],
2009, vol. 68, № 5


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