The Coach of Life

Though often somewhat heavy-freighted,
The coach rolls at an easy pace;
And Time, the coachman, grizzly-pated,
But smart, alert, is in his place.

We board it lightly in the morning
And on our way at once proceed;
Repose and slothful comfort scorning,
We shout: "Hey, there! Get on! Full speed!"

Noon finds us done with reckless daring,
And shaken up. Now care's the rule.
Down hills, through gulleys roughly faring,
We sulk, and cry: "Hey, easy, fool!"

The coach rolls on, no pitfalls dodging.
At dusk, to jolts more wonted grown,
We drowse, while to the night's dark lodging
Old coachman Time drives on, drives on.

Translated by Babette Deutsch

A.S. Pushkin. The Coach of Life (“Though often somewhat heavy-freighted...”). Translated by Babette Deutsch // Alexander Pushkin. Collected Works: Parallel Russian Text and English Translation.
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