I sit in a dungeon with a downcast face
And see a young eagle in captivity raised,
While flapping his wing, my companion in woe
Is tearing his meal by my window alone.

He pecks for a while and then glances inside,
As if we have both the same thing in mind,
With a longing expression and a piercing cry
He calls me and wants to cry out: "Let's fly!

Two carefree birds: let's fly, friend, it's time!
To the distant white mountain that hides in the sky,
To the faraway ridges of ocean tides,
To a place where the wind only goes...and I!"

Translated by Alexander Shaumyan

A.S. Pushkin. Prisoner (“I sit in a dungeon with a downcast face...”). Translated by Alexander Shaumyan // Alexander Pushkin. Collected Works: Parallel Russian Text and English Translation.
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