The Burned Letter

Farewell, letter of love! Farewell: she has bade.
I lingered for a long time! For long I hesitated
To bum in fire all my joy.
But now it is time. Bum, the letter, bum.
I am ready; my soul is numb.
Your leaves are licked by the greedy flame...
A moment! They are ablaze! Aflame! And then
Thin coils of smoke drift up,
Interweave with my prayers And vanish.
The melted wax seethes and looses
The last traces of my seal-ring. O Providence!
All gone! The darkened sheets curl up;
Upon the heap of ashes the cherished outlines
Show white... My chest feels tight. O precious ashes,
The poor comfort of my crestfallen fate,
Stay always near my heart...

Translated by Henry Iva

A.S. Pushkin. The Burned Letter (“Farewell, letter of love! Farewell: she has bade...”). Translated by Henry Iva // Alexander Pushkin. Collected Works: Parallel Russian Text and English Translation.
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