I still recall a wonder vision.
The moment you before me shone,
A fleeting Genius apparition,
A perfect beauty paragon.

Through hopeless sorrow that oppressed me,
Through life's alarm and senseless schemes
That caring voice and soul caressed me,
And that dear face would fill my dreams.

Years passed. The stormwinds whirled against me,
Scattering former dreams of grace,
And I forgot your voice caressed me,
Forgot your beatific face.

In wastes, isolation
My days dragged on through quiet years,
No sense of God.... no inspiration
No sense of life... no love... no tears.

The soul awakened to a vision.
Before me once again you shone:
A fleeting genius apparition,
A perfect beauty paragon.

The heart now bounds in exaltation.
In resurrection reappears
The sense of God... and inspiration
And sense of life... and love... and tears.

Translated by A. Z. Foreman

A.S. Pushkin. To... (“I still recall a wonder vision...”). Translated by A. Z. Foreman // Alexander Pushkin. Collected Works: Parallel Russian Text and English Translation.
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