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When approaching River Inger
Glance did I at azure skies,
And recalled your gaze’s linger
And your wondrous deep blue eyes.
And although I was enchanted
Sadly by you, virgin fair,
And although an exile planted
Somewhere in the depths of Tver,
Dared I not to make prostration,
Lay before you all my cares,
Nor to cause you consternation
With my dim enamoured prayers.
Dreadfully inebriated
By the hops of worldly show,
I’ll forget, intoxicated,
How your lovely features glow,
And your poise and slender motion
And the care in all you say,
Calm, displayed without a notion,
Knowing laugh and glance’s stray.
And if not, this path I’ll follow
To your peaceful native parts,
Reappear like the swallow,
Love until November starts.

Translated by Rupert Moreton
(Lingua Fennica)

A.S. Pushkin. “When approaching River Inger...”. Translated by Rupert Moreton // Alexander Pushkin. Collected Works: Parallel Russian Text and English Translation.
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