Verses, Composed During a Sleepless Night

I can’t sleep, the light is out;
Chasing senseless dreams in gloom.
Clocks at once, inside my room,
Somewhere next to me, resound.
Parcae’s soft and mild chatter,
Sleeping twilight’s noisy flutter,
Life’s commotion — so insane...
Why am I to feel this pain?
What’s your meaning, boring mumble?
Disapproving, do you grumble
Of the day I spent in vain?
What has made you so compelling?
Are you calling or foretelling?
I just want to understand,
Thus I’m seeking your intent...

Translated by Andrey Kneller

A.S. Pushkin. Verses, Composed During a Sleepless Night. Translated by Andrey Kneller // Alexander Pushkin. Collected Works: Parallel Russian Text and English Translation.
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