* * *

When loud cacophony’s defaming,
Although you are of tender years,
And when you find their judgement’s framing
Your loss of honour with their smears;

Alone among the frigid rabble,
I take upon myself your pain
And for you with my fruitless gabble
To heedless idol beg again.

But condemnation’s harsh intrusions
The world will never cast aside:
It won’t chastise the proud’s delusions —
Instead their grasp contrives to hide.

So all its two-faced persecution
And all the love it shows in vain
Deserve contempt, not absolution:
Prepare then, for oblivion’s reign;

And don’t imbibe from poisoned chalice;
Abandon brilliant, stuffy sphere;
Abandon mad diversion’s malice:
One friend alone you have — he’s here.

Translated by Rupert Moreton
(Lingua Fennica)

A.S. Pushkin. “When loud cacophony’s defaming...”. Translated by Rupert Moreton // Alexander Pushkin. Collected Works: Parallel Russian Text and English Translation.
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