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Konstantin Vaginov
Essays on Conjoining Words
by Means of Rhythm

Translated from Russian
by Dmitri Manin

/ Contents

/ Amid the rumble of the war...
/ Alongside wars, within her wind-blown chambers...
养 / And so the bard sleeps by the wakened seaside
腻 / Its a delight to stand on an imagined island
( ) / Psyche (The wedding feast)
, 酻 / Make into a sonorous statue
腻 / The twisting snaky lines of feminiform words
ⅻ / In vestments made of ancient words
/ Poetry is a gift in stringed nocturnal dungeons
/ The Hermits
养 / For one uneven instant, under
, 셻 / I stand again under the gentle
, , / Strive not towards perfection, artist
,  / For years Ive changed to turn into an echo
, 녻 / Yes, Ive been weighing for a year
(, , 养) / Raven (I stand like a beautiful raven up high)
/ Atop the coffin, Procne
/ I once again hallucinated love
酻 / Up over the world, calm and quiet
, / In an impetuous country, at a certain hour
/ Eurydice
( ) / Psyche (All love is but youth everlasting...)
䅻 / You hallucinated a city
녻 / I did not seek completion in
/ Night
/ Music
/ Let nights fall off one after another
/ Two colored patchwork blankets
/ Hellenists
养 / And lions slumbering like sculptures
ㅻ / From seashores to a seashore
/ Not an azure-tint rain
, 셻 / The avenue hurled light and quivered
/ A Song of Words
ꅻ / Words moulded out of ashes
/ The same old strings of fame in feathered clouds
/ Young Man
/ A Poem of Squares
酻 / Amid spectacular nocturnal rambles
, / Rhodes bustles, Alexandria is restless
/ I fell in love with the broad-sided boulders
, / In urban settlements, where my young years were spent
/ A burly bull that cuts across the hedges
, 腻 / By trumpet-throats, in the night's resounding shelter
:  / No, not a man: things have pulled back, its clear
腻 / I have embodied the mournful voice of night
, / Alone at dark, amid the branchy buildings

. / Konstantin Vaginov. Essays on Conjoining Words by Means of Rhythm. Translated from Russian by Dmitri Manin. (RVB Parallel Text Series)
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